Antonov: US statements about the actions of the Russian armed forces in Syria lack common sense | In the world | Politics

Statements by US authorities regarding the actions of the Russian military in Syria are contrary to common sense, said Russian Ambassador in Washington Anatoly Antonov, commenting on Pentagon statements that the Russian military allegedly prevents the fight against terrorism in the RAS.

“Regular and sometimes beyond the bounds of decency attacks on the highly professional actions of Russian military personnel in the SAR lack common sense,” the diplomat said on the Telegram channel of the Russian Embassy in the United States.

According to Antonov, such statements by the US Department of Defense serve to divert attention from the daily violations of flight safety rules by Americans in Syria.

The ambassador noted that the presence of the US military in Syria, which has de facto occupied some of its areas under the pretext of fighting terrorism, is contrary to international law.

“The US policy towards Syria, without a doubt, carries a powerful destructive charge,” Antonov stressed.

Earlier it became known about the transfer by the United States to the militants of one of the international terrorist groups in Syria of missiles with toxic substances.