Vicky Martín Berrocal with a Spanish firm dress at Tamara Falcó’s wedding

Vicky Martin BerrocalIn addition to positioning herself as a renowned Spanish designer and businesswoman knowing how to leave her mark in the fashion industry, she has become a style icon herself. Everything that the Andalusian wears is recorded by thousands of followers who adore the way she dresses. Vicky’s personal style is recognized for its elegance and sophistication and always with elements of Andalusian roots. She contributing a flamenco touch.

Her eponymous clothing brand, ‘Victoria’ founded in 2008, often reflects in her designs, with a focus on feminine and sophisticated garments, the absolute essence of Vicky. That is why the designer does not hesitate to wear her own brand for all kinds of special events, especially celebrations like yesterday, the wedding of her friend Tamara Falcó with Íñigo Onieva.

Vicky Martín Berrocal’s dress at Tamara Falcó’s wedding

Martín Berrocal has been one of the guests who has decided to post the ‘look’ that he has worn to the wedding on his Instagram account, where he has published some beautiful photos taken on the stairs of the ‘The Edition’ hotel in Madrid. The Andalusian has positioned herself as one of the most elegant guests by wearing a long dress from her own brand, ‘Victoria’.

It is a design Made of green bambula with a draped bodice, ‘V’ neckline, cut at the waist and XL sleeves that created the cape effect. A ‘look’ that she combined with a polished bow and jewelry: earrings, rings and a bracelet from Suarez jewelry. C.ierra the style with a clutch by Yliana Yepez and shoes by Aquazzura. ANDhe accessory that has completely conquered us in this ‘outfit’ has been a fan to match the suit and made for the occasion, in aquamarine green with golden paillettes manufactured by Olivier Bernoux.


vicky martín berrocal wedding guest dress tamara falcó


vicky martín berrocal wedding guest dress tamara falcó



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