“It’s never too late to start over”

First it was Sálvame who said goodbye to its daily version and now it has been its weekly version, the Deluxe, the one that has closed after 14 years on the air broadcasting this July 14 his last show that has not left anyone indifferent. With a staging in which the entire set was seen disassembled, the program opened for the last time and, after its departure in which the door was left open to a possible transfer of the format, everything has remained in the dark for many of the workers and former workers of the house, such as Carlota Corredera. Although he left Telecinco a year ago, his professional life is still closely linked to the program, so he has not hesitated to share a message through social networks to be part of this collective farewell to the night magazine that most years has lasted on the air in the television scene: Sálvame Deluxe.

“Save me is already a television legend and At almost 49 I begin a new professional stage outside of La fabrica de tele, my home and my school since 2007″, began Carlota Corredera next to an image of her as director of the program. “I’ll keep everything I’ve learned and above all I’ll keep the people, with my television family.” Some statements with which she makes it clear that she is left out of possible programs of the production company outside of Mediaset.

In this text, she also takes the opportunity to launch a protest message and that is that she has been forced to recycle after more than a decade in the same format and about to turn 50: “It is never too late to start over, it is never too late to start new flights. I look ahead with enthusiasm and also with vertigo. The future is uncertain but also exciting.”

In addition, he has a word of gratitude and affection for those who have been and are his television family: “I hug my colleagues very strongly who today pick up the canvas for #Deluxe, a program that I have tattooed on my heart. Celebrate as you deserve 14 years of luxury entertainment. I love you“. A message that has moved his followers who have applauded the work of the program throughout its run, lamenting its disappearance, and giving Carlota much encouragement in her new paths, such as her ‘Superlatives’ podcast.

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