Cristina Tárrega undergoes the ‘Test of celebrities’: discover all the secrets

The journalist Cristina Tárrega is very clear about her ideas and after decades of professional career in radio and television, we see her again on the big general channels with the program ‘Life without filters’, and without any type of filter she has wanted submit to our most sincere test for TEN MINUTES. Most comfortable, the journalist has had no problem answering our questions about the name of the program, the format and a very personal one: After 24 years of marriage, What would you ask your husband if you had to interview him? Find out in the video on these lines.

In our test that you can see in the video at the top of this article, he has revealed some of the secrets of his new professional life. This is how he answered the questions about whether he missed being in front of television, if it calls more for him to be in front of the cameras or the radio microphones and what we are going to see in the Telecinco program with which you want to fit in the nights of the weekends: “It is loaded with truth, reality and from day to day.”

Society has changed a lot in the last decade in which social networks have encouraged the audience to give their opinion and, on many occasions, this is based solely on criticism. That’s why, Cristina Tárrega has answered what she thinks of the haters and if she is prepared to face criticism, something that is clear: “I will only accept criticism from professionals.” Know everything in the video about these lines.


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