Isabel Preysler clarifies her relationship with Carolina Molas, Tamara Falcó’s mother-in-law

Isabel Preysler wanted to clarify what kind of relationship she has with Íñigo Onieva’s mother. Much has been speculated about her relationship with the mother-in-law of Tamara Falcó and especially what was his behavior with her in a wedding that has been on everyone’s lips. Finally, it was Isabel Preysler herself who wanted to clarify this misunderstanding that has been circulating for several days.

It has been Aurelio Manzano in which he has recounted in ‘Fiesta’ that he has contacted Isabel Preysler to resolve this doubt. The collaborator has asked the socialite what is the relationship you have with your mother-in-law, Carolina Molas.

Before the revolt mounted, Isabel Preysler has answered forcefully and has resolved all doubts about her possible enmity with her.

Demonstrating the good relationship that Emma García maintains with Íñigo Onieva. Tamara Falcó’s mother said that she had seen the way in which her program had dealt with the issue and they were right. “Isabel saw that we were dealing with this topic, and she told me:” It is as you have told it, There has not been any tension between Carolina and me, there has been no rivalry and there has not been any tension“, the mother of the Marquise de Griñón explained to the journalist.

Although he has also explained that according to what he has been able to learn at the wedding, Isabel Preysler was much closer to Íñigo Onieva’s father, whom she greeted effusively, thus demonstrating her gratitude for being present at the wedding and having traveled from the Dominican Republic, where he has lived for years.

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