Malcolm: “CSKA knocks the ball out, a lot of teams are outclassing them. Spartak and Rostov are better, they try to play spectacularly” – Football

Malcom did not include CSKA among the main competitors of Zenit in the new season.

– Can we say that CSKA is the main competitor next season?

– In my personal opinion, there are many teams that are better than CSKA. I don’t think they are our main competitors.

CSKA play a lot on the second balls. I watched the last games: they knock out the ball and then try to catch on to it. Therefore, I cannot say that they are our main competitors. In my opinion, there are many teams that are superior to them.

– Who are your main competitors?

– I’ll name Spartak and Rostov. These teams try to play spectacular football. This is good for the Russian championship, which is often criticized for the entertainment of the game.

They say that there is very strong football here, continuous struggle. And Spartak and Rostov are building the game very well. Therefore, they are better for me, – said the Zenit midfielder.