Former Pentagon Adviser: Russia Can Destroy US With Its Submarine Fleet | In the world | Politics

Russia, in the event of a direct military conflict with the United States, can send its fleet of nuclear submarines to the Atlantic Ocean, which are capable of destroying the United States.

This was stated by the former adviser to the Pentagon chief, Douglas McGregor, on the YouTube channel of political observer Michael Savage.

According to him, in the event of a direct collision, the Russian side can fill the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with its submarines, where they will also be supported by the Chinese navy.

At the same time, McGregor stressed that the United States would not be able to respond to such a move, as a significant part of the country’s submarine fleet is under repair.

“The dumbest thing we can do is threaten Russia with nuclear weapons,” he concluded.

Previously, US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. opposed the possible admission of Ukraine to NATO, since, in his opinion, such a decision could lead to a military conflict with the Russian Federation.