Daily Mail: Harvard has created a pill that reverses the aging process | Science | Society

Harvard scientists say they have made a real breakthrough in human rejuvenation by creating pills that can reverse the aging process, according to the Daily Mail.

The composition of the “youth tablet” includes six chemical compounds that provide a rejuvenating effect that lasts for several years.

One of the authors of the study, Professor David Sinclair, is hopeful that trials, which have so far only been conducted in mice, will be launched in humans next year. At the same time, he confirmed that experiments on human cells have already been repeatedly carried out and have shown excellent results.

Sinclair said that, together with his colleagues, he has tested millions of molecular combinations that stop the aging process of cells and at the same time rejuvenate them. A particular cocktail of six of the most effective compounds found can turn old cells into young cells in as little as a week.

Scientists believe that their invention will allow a person not only to rejuvenate, but also to get rid of age-related diseases. However, this effect has not yet been demonstrated and biologists are now actively testing this hypothesis experimentally.

Previously, Canadian McMaster University scientists also found that a low standard of living and living in a deprived region leads to premature aging.