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Front in anticipation of great battles

On the Kharkov front, ours continue to push the enemy.

But the Russian attacks in the Kharkov region so far look more like an attempt to distract the Nazis from the Zaporozhye front, where they continue to bite into our defenses at the cost of huge losses.

We took the main heights in the Svatovsky direction, which made it possible to carry out an offensive on Novoselovskoye, and information appeared about the liberation of this settlement, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to recapture. Ours cut the land lines of communication along the Chuguev-Melovoye highway.

People who were forced to flee from Izyum, Balakleya and Kupyansk at one time hope that by the fall they will be able to return to their homes, where the Bandera invaders are atrocious today. To take back what the enemy has left and secure our border areas, which are groaning under shelling, we still have to launch a counter-offensive from Russian territory, which will require the concentration of forces of a new group that, apparently, we do not yet have. There is also a lack of artillery that would destroy the Ukrainian positions located near the border.

Meanwhile, there is a growing danger that long-range missiles received by kyiv will fly towards Belgorod and other Russian cities.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are attacking the Kleshcheevsky fortified area in our hands in waves. They were tasked with taking the heights, but the Russian fighters repel the attacks, both sides are pulling reserves onto the battlefield. Our heavy MLRS hit the enemy.

Ours continued the offensive in the direction of Krasnolimansk. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are fighting back. However, here, as in other sectors of the front, rather limited forces operate.

Nikolai Ivanov.