The head of the RPL Alaev about Fan ID: “There is a law, we must comply. I want us to find options under which we will abandon boycotts” – Football

The head of the RPL considers it necessary to comply with the law on Fan ID.

Alexander Alaev said that after the law on the fan card comes into force, it is necessary to find options under which the fans will return to the stadiums.

On Saturday, Zenit defeated CSKA in the match for the OLIMPBET Russian Super Cup. The match, which took place without a Fan ID, was attended by 40,876 people.

– Can such an atmosphere contribute to relaxations in terms of the fan card?

– So much has already been said about this topic … There is a law, it must be followed. I don’t want to repeat this every time. I want us all to find options whereby we will abandon the boycotts and return to the stadiums. Somewhere everyone will go forward.

Ask every fan who was in the stands today: everyone wants such matches. Football needs fans, and fans need football. The sooner we come to this, the sooner we will see the same holiday at all RPL matches.

I am sure that this is quite possible, because football is the number one sport, – Alaev said.