Soraya Arnelas and Miguel Ángel Herrera say ‘yes I do’ at a fairytale wedding

Soraya and Miguel Ángel are now husband and wife. The couple celebrated their wedding at the romantic Palacete Huerta del Conde, in Cáceres, the province where the singer is from. A ceremony that finally comes after being postponed twice: once due to the arrival of the COVID pandemic and another due to the artist’s second pregnancy. Although the truth is that this was the big party after the couple had already signed the marriage papers at the Town Hall, as she herself confessed in ‘Fiesta’. “We couldn’t do it before, but I don’t regret leaving it for so long because we’ve realized that we really want to be together,” added the artist in an interview with Emma García. Now, the couple has celebrated their love in style.


The ceremony was marked by emotion, as reported by ‘Semana’. The bride and groom burst into tears at the moment when Soraya, a veiled bride, made her appearance to approach the altar. With a glittery dress and a tulle veil covering her head, the bride approached her already husband under the watchful eye of her guests among which were his two daughters, in the front row, containing their emotion.

After the wedding, the bride changed her look for a more comfortable and sexy one with which to enjoy the party. Although among the guests there were great voices -besides the bride- like those of Chenoa, María Villalón or Cristina Ramos- the music was provided by a flamenco group and a DJ with whom to enjoy until the wee hours.

Thus, after eleven years of relationship, this ‘I do’ arrives as the finishing touch for the couple with a celebration in style that they couldn’t make it the day they signed the legal papers: “It was a most normal day. We were dressed discreetly, correct, because it was the first part of the wedding. We had a beer afterwards, but we had to continue with our chores, take the girl to school…”, pointed out the OT artist in ‘Fiesta’.


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