“He has said yes to me”

Adara Molinero and Bosco have given another break in their relationship. After spending the last days of their adventure in Survivors together with a great flirtation that crystallized in a romantic kiss in the final and sharing a few days after their vacation trip with Jonan Wiergo and his partner, Christian Tomás, it seems that the couple is closer than ever. “Incredible days with incredible people”, explained Adara, “How easy it is for me to enjoy being by your side!”, commented Bosco. Now, After returning to reality, and having their first date, the couple wanted to take another step in their relationship and Bosco himself has made it known through social networks with a quick but forceful message in the stories of his official profile. A publication that has revolutionized all its followers, leaving many of them speechless.


The winner of Survivors has explained that, after these holidays and the preparation of plans to give travel and adventure content to his social networks, he has been a bit ‘out’ of the networks. “Between that and the fact that the other day I asked Adara out and she said yes, I’m a little revolutionized“, revealed Bosco. In this way, he confirmed that the couple has formalized their relationship, becoming something more than a reality relationship, but that they could reach something else, and it seems that everything has become something more serious.

With this the couple hopes to put aside the criticisms that Artur Dainesand he did in the final itself and those that the model Raquel Arias, and a friend of Bosco’s, has done on television sets in recent days.


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