Adara Molinero reveals how she prepared to face Survivors

Adara Molinero has been one of the great revelations of Survivors 2023. Despite the fact that at first the contestant was not in the pools of the winners, she slipped into the final after having given everything in the competition tests and in the coexistence. And now, after returning to real life and having surprised Bosco by saying ‘yes’ with whom her relationship officially begins, the finalist wanted to reveal how she prepared to face the contest, both for the different tests and for the hardness of face constant hunger, lack of sleep and body aches from lack of rest. A confession that all his followers have appreciated since it has brought them one step closer to understanding what the contestants who passed through the island of Honduras have had to face, and that has left them with consequences.


Adara, who was surprising with her little weight loss, has confessed that she only started a month and a half before traveling to Honduras, so, knowing that it was a short time, started training hard with a Triathlon team both strength and swimming and pilates, three disciplines that helped her face tough tests.

In addition, she trained apnea separately, knowing that it is a key test: “I began to know my body, how it reacted, how far I could endure and how I could do to endure as much as possible“. The contestant trained in the pool, which could explain why in the final stretch, in the two apnea tests in the pool, the cold affected her less than her companions. This also explains why, despite to have trained suffered from alternobaric vertigo when fishing in the open sea and preferred to do it from the shore.

Finally, Adara knew that mental strength was very important and that is why she trained her mind with a coach who helped her learn how to face the limits of her body. “At first the hunger is like a normal day here, but it accumulates with the rainy nights, sleeping on the ground… There comes a time when the wear and tear accumulates and your head can think that you can’t take it anymore and enter a very ugly loop that you didn’t want to enter”, Explain. Thus, she trained to face these situations without giving up, something that suited her very well. “I knew how to manage it quite well, really. I surprise myself.”


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