Putin called the Russian T-90 “Breakthrough” tank the best in the world | Army | Society

The Russian T-90 “Breakthrough” tank is the best in the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, speaking of the capture of modern foreign military equipment by fighters of the Russian armed forces in the NVO zone.

He said this on the air in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on the Russia-1 TV channel, answering the question of journalist Pavel Zarubin what they will do in the Russian Federation with the captured equipment – whether they will study it.

“There is such an expression as reverse engineering. Well, let’s see, because modern technology is modern … We have it and it is very effective. Take, for example, the T-90 “Proryv” tank. The best tank in the world. Without any exaggeration. But the enemy also produces modern equipment. And if there is an opportunity to look inside and see if there is something that can be applied to us, then why not,” said the head of state.

The other day it was reported that the Russian military handed over captured NATO equipment for study by specialists of the military-industrial complex.