Kim Kardashian and North West try the viral filter that ages you

Kim Kardashian and North West have always shown that they have the best mother-daughter relationship. Managed by the businesswoman, the joint account they both have on TikTok (@kimandnorth) is proof that they are hilarious together. They perform their favorite songs as a duet, comb each other’s hair and joke around. Their publications are priceless, and the last one they have uploaded is not far behind: they have tried together the most viral filter on the platform. Yes, the one that shows your face with wrinkles and that a few days ago another member of his media clan, Kylie Jenner, also tried.

The businesswoman has given us one of her most natural videos: cWith wet hair, no makeup and doing a ‘skincare’ ritual with North. And yes, a filter has been applied, but this time it is not one of those that leaves your skin smooth, quite the opposite! Kim and North have used the famous filter that shows you how you will be when you grow up. ‘Spoiler’: in his case, just as fabulous.

“I look gorgeous,” Kim says before bursting out laughing. It is then that her daughter appears on the scene, to whom the filter does not seem to have had much effect. “You don’t look old,” her mother tells her. “No, I look older,” she replies. In short, the truth is that we love these moments that they share together. The video will brighten your day, look!

It is clear that mother and daughter are the absolute queens of TikTok, where they accumulate more than 16 million followers on their profile (if you are not one of them yet, we do not know what you are waiting for). Of course, the businesswoman has imposed strict rules on North so that she can use the platform. For example, you only have access from Kim’s mobile and you can’t ‘scroll’ to see other posts.

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