Sladkov – The most powerful attacks against objects in Kharkov were made during the NMD | Society

War correspondent Oleksandr Sladkov reported that on July 16 the most powerful attacks on Ukrainian military facilities in Kharkov were carried out during the entire period of the special military operation (SVO).

“It was great fun at night in Kharkov. Powerful explosions were heard in various parts of the city. Even Kharkiv residents themselves testify that they have not witnessed such a powerful attack for a long time, ”Sladkov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Air alerts were announced on Friday in four regions of Ukraine, including Kharkiv, and Kiev-controlled DPR areas.

It was reported that on July 16, the Russian Air Force flew more than 40 sorties to hit the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The air strikes hit points of temporary deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, an ammunition depot and eight areas of concentration of manpower and weapons of the enemy.