Kiko Matamoros reacts like this to being summoned to an Electoral Table despite his age

Outraged and surprised. This is how Kiko Matamoros has shown himself this Sunday on her social networks after receiving a letter that has completely disrupted her plans for next July 23: a summons from the Central Electoral Board to be a substitute member of the polling station in your area. A summons that has no reason to be and is that, as the commentator himself has recognized on the Instagram account, those over 65 are exempt from participating due to the inconvenience that comes with spending eight hours at the table. The television talk show host is 66 years old, so he should be part of this exclusion group but it seems that the Electoral Board has not taken it into account.

The collaborator and husband of Marta López Álamo has shared how he has tried to claim the call but without success. “Those over 65 are exempt from being part of a polling station, despite this they summon me as a substitute member. They provide a contact telephone number (91 360232) to which I have called 40 times since Friday; there is no answer,” he points out. “Thank you for your impeccable work to the Electoral Board of the Madrid Zone. I’m not going to take another step, let it be what God wants…”, he has sentenced ironically.

Among the comments you can read some funny ones that have awakened the humorous side of the situation. “Kiko, you don’t look 65, that’s why they sent you the letter!” or “Friend, being a kid is in your blood… they don’t believe it, not even in the government of how young you are”, are some of the comments that have been dedicated to him. Even Marta Peñate has left a comment from her encouraging her: “YOU CAN!”

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