The president of Cruzeiro seduced the wife of the referee who officiated the final of the state championship. “Foxes” lost, conceding from a controversial penalty kick – Football

The president of Cruzeiro developed a close relationship with the football referee’s wife.

According to journalist Leo Diaz, a nightclub video camera caught Sergio Santos Rodriguez on the dance floor kissing Tassiana Valim, Vice President of the Family Law Commission of the Minas Gerais branch of the Brazilian Bar Association, as well as the wife of the judge, Felipe Lima.

This referee worked at the Minas Gerais State Championship final in April 2022. The game ended with the defeat of “Cruzeiro” from “Atletico Mineiro” (1:3). As noted by Metropoles, the last of the goals was scored from a controversial penalty kick – his implemented ex-player of “Zenith” Hulk, who then made a double.

The flirtatious flirting between the president of the “foxes” and the referee’s wife was caught on camera on June 15 of this year. It is noted that revenge on Lima could be one of the reasons why Sergio Santos Rodriguez, also married, decided to start an affair with Tassiana Walim.

Note that the 40-year-old president of Cruzeiro is married and has three children, one of whom is two months old.