Valieva on winning the Beijing 2022 team tournament: “I immediately called my mother. From the age of three I told her that I would have an Olympic medal ”- Figure Skating

Kamila Valieva spoke about her emotions after winning the team tournament at the 2022 Olympics.

– What did you feel when you stood on the Olympic podium?

– I finished my performance in the team, women’s figure skating was the last. I did not count the points, I was very worried before the free program. Team Olympic gold is a big responsibility, because you play not only for yourself, but also for the team.

When we saw the first place, it’s really beyond words. We all laughed and joked and couldn’t believe it. Unfortunately, we had a quarantine year, plus we did not have a flag and an anthem.

They understood that Olympic gold is for the country. You stand on a pedestal, look at the coaches – and immediately teleport here. You understand how many people were sick, believed and simply loved us, gave us energy as much as possible.

Incredible pride and happiness that we succeeded. Then we made a lap of honor, went out, the general director and the president of the FFKKR called us.

The next day, unfortunately, we did not have an off-ice award ceremony. But all the same, these emotions, especially the press conference, cannot be described in words. I would like to thank everyone for the support that has been.

I immediately called my mother and told her everything. From the age of three I told her that I would have an Olympic medal. I could not restrain my emotions, – said the skater.