Alexander Legkov: “Putin is the best. He supports athletes and sport, and we must support him.” – Skiing

Skier Alexander Legkov called Russian President Vladimir Putin the best.

The Sochi 2014 Olympic champion dreams that the Russians will again compete in international competitions with a flag and an anthem.

“I was lucky enough to run at the home Olympics, win the royal distance when the awards were at the closing [Олимпиады] in the presence of our president.

It is sad that I am the last athlete who saw the flag and heard the Russian anthem at the awards ceremony. After Sochi, the Russians competed at the Olympics without a flag. I hope it will return to this soon, I dream that our athletes will return to this, ”said Legkov.

“Does Putin love biathlon? I think Putin loves biathlon, like hockey, tennis and figure skating, he is the president who does a lot for athletes in Russia. I always say: in no country in the world do athletes receive such support as we do.

Putin is the best. He supports athletes and sport, and we have to support him.” added He.