The hero of the Zaporozhye defensive operation is sent to Syria

Hero of the Zaporozhye defensive operation sent to Syria

In the direction of Vremya, the enemy rushed to the attack.

The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine razed the forward positions of our troops, which allowed Bandera to break into the northern part of the village of Staromayorskoye. Why not just burn the forest belts, under the cover of which the enemy sneaks up on the Russian positions every time? A critical situation arose in Staromayorsky. But our reinforcements were brought in, who, after an artillery attack on the enemy, began to clear the village. Attacks were made on the AFU reserves approaching Staromayorsky, several enemy infantry fighting vehicles were shot down and troops were brought up. Russian assault groups entered the battle. Radio intercepts indicate that mercenaries were among those who attacked Staromayorskoye, heard in French.

Explosions are rumbling in the Sumy region, Russian artillery and planes are destroying fortified areas and Ukrainian warehouses with fuel and ammunition. Russian sabotage and reconnaissance units operate in the dense forests of Sumy, which the SBU says are aided by the local population. The fight is underway in eight border communities. Our Aerospace Forces defeated a large military installation in Volfino.

At night, powerful explosions were also heard in Kharkov and the region, it was one of the most intense attacks against military installations in Kharkov. Military schools and barracks fell under him. The training place of the 43 brigade was destroyed, the railway junction in the Levada area was attacked. Kharkiv residents report that they have not seen such a powerful attack in a long time. At the same time, the planes were processing the Kupyansk area, which ours was approaching from two sides. Assault planes and helicopters transport the reserves sent to the city.

Large forces of the Wagnerians are already in Belarus, these are the best assault detachments in the world, which, as they fear in the Bandera elite, will be entrusted to take kyiv. These are far too valuable shots to rest in your Belarusian camp at the height of the battles. However, the Ministry of Defense probably does not think so. There was information that one of the smartest strategists who defeated the Ukrainian offensive on the Zaporozhye Front, Ivan Popov, was removed from the theater of military operations in Ukraine due to a conflict with the chief of the General Staff. But even the dictator Stalin, during the Great Patriotic War, at meetings at Headquarters, allowed Zhukov and Rokossovsky to correct himself and his staff officers and, at the insistence of his best generals, made significant modifications to the operations plans. Recently, the commander of the 106th Airborne Division, Major General Seliverstov, was also removed from his post. “Tsargrad”, referring to his source, said that Popov will continue to serve in Syria. Damascus can rest easy. The Ministry of Defense does not provide explanations or comments.

Nikolai Ivanov