Manuel Cortés refuses to answer Emma García after a striking question about Survivors

Weeks after giving his first interview after ‘Survivors’ to Ten Minutes, Manuel Cortés has sat on a television set. The chosen program has been ‘Fiesta’, in which his mother, Raquel Bollo, collaborates, but far from being a relaxed interview, the tension was palpable in the environment. The singer attended the program to promote his new song and his musical career. And if Francisco Threshold made popular the phrase “I have come to talk about my book”, Cortés has done it with “I have come to sing”.

Emma García has taken advantage of the fact that she had the contestant in front of her to ask her about her time on ‘Survivors’. The presenter wanted to know how Manuel felt after a health problem forced him to leave the reality show. “When I was better mentally, I passed that physical downturn. I tried by all means to push forward. My intestine stopped and it came together with anemia. He had a swollen liver“, explained the singer. At that moment, Emma asked him a question that his guest did not like. “Do you miss Asraf?”, he asked directly. “You know that today I come to be with you. I come to sing, not to talk about it. Another day I’ll come and talk to you whatever you want”, answered his guest, cutting Emma short.

TV Capture

But the presenter insisted and asked him a new question related to Asraf and asked him if he had turned the page on his disagreements with his editing partner. Wishing to close the issue, Manuel answered: “I have to say that I miss all my colleagues. I miss the adventure, the experience and I miss Asraf too.”

What he did speak about without the presenter having to insist much is about his relationship with Katerina Safarova.


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