💣 Fernandez moved to Zenit. Mario played for CSKA for 10 years – Football

That’s not even all.

A year ago, just dump from the club, suspend his career at a completely playable age, spitting on the current contract. Like, he was tired of football! This is generally surreal, were there many such examples in world football? Well, all right, we took into account past merits, went towards the clown, settled the story with the contract. And that’s what for. At first, “tired of football” immediately surfaced in the Brazilian Inter, then, together with his greedy agent, he thanked CSKA in full for the courtesy, twisted the club’s arms, demanding loot for the return, then immediately threw it as soon as a sweeter option appeared. And yes, despite the fact that before that he hit himself with his heel in the chest, they say, in another Russian club for nothing and never.

The most embarrassing story.