Manuel Cortés’s face when asked about Katerina reveals how their relationship is

Manuel Cortés’s face changes when they name two of his companions from ‘Survivors’, specifically Asraf Beno and Katerina Safarova. But for very different reasons. While Isa Pantoja’s boyfriend prefer not to speak of the Russian model it is pronounced. The singer has sat on the set of ‘Fiesta’ to talk about his single, ‘Ali’, but he has also been honest about his time on the reality show. Emma García asked him if she missed Asraf, a question he avoided by claiming that he had come to the program to talk about his musical career.

However, her face changed when the presenter asked her about Katerina, with whom he was fooling around in Honduras. “People ask me a lot, but it’s very simple… There are times when you like yourself with a person, You have a feeling, you have that approach, and maybe it does not mean that it is your partner“, he explained with a nervous smile on his face. Manuel clarified that Katerina “is a charming girl” who “loves a lot, she loves me a lot. We like each other a lot, we’ve had our moments. She has her life and I have mine, we are a little different and it is not known if there is a future or not, but I wish him the best”.

He has also settled the rumors of those who said that his thing had been a ‘face folder’. “I liked it a lot, she the same with me, since pre-coexistence. Since we left on the flight we were already together. I am real and transparent for the good and for the bad”, he has sentenced in reference to the different coexistence that he has had with Asraf and with Katerina. The model was one of the great absentees at the party for the singer’s 28th birthday. A celebration which was entertained by Kiko Rivera, Manuel’s cousin, and which was held days before the DJ was admitted to the hospital due to heart problems.


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