the forceful message with which she makes it clear if she has broken up with her boyfriend, Eladio

Ana María Aldón had been calm for a long time, and it was already strange that she was not caught in some ‘resignation’. In fact, she recently came to light that her boy, Eladio, with whom he has been dating for a few months after his separation from Ortega Cano, it could have been unfaithfuland although there would be some images that prove itknows her boy very well, and has decided believe his version. In the ‘Fiesta’ program he made it clear that he was very in love and happyand now he has also added a forceful message with a nice photo on Instagram so that it is even clearer that there is no breakup, crisis or anything, as we told you in the video above.

The Telecinco collaborator knows that their relationship generates expectation on and off television, which is why she wanted to make it very clear that is in an unbeatable momentand after speaking this weekend on the Emma García program, this Monday closed the door to any kind of doubt with an important message on Instagramin a photo in which she appears with her boy, both hugging and smiling on the beach: “Thank you for taking care of me like nobody else, for being by my side even when strong winds blow, for making me feel unique, special. For how you look at me, for giving me back the illusion and the desire. Willingness to live, to fight, to dream, to feel… ❤️&❤️#resistiré”.

It is not, however, the first time we have seen them together: already in ‘Fiesta’ they recently broadcast the first images of Ana María and Eladio together on the street, where they squandered love and complicity after a few days before Ana María confirmed that she had turned the page on her difficult divorce and that she had a new boyfriend. Undoubtedly, a great moment for the collaborator, who finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel rebuilding his life.

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