Fedorov about Fedotov: “The rules are different in the USSR and Russia. I served for two years – yes, it so happened that I played hockey during this time. It happened as it happened” – Hockey

Sergei Fedorov found differences between the USSR and Russia when talking about the army.

CSKA head coach answered a question about goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov, who returned to the Moscow team.

– On your part, what should convince us that now is not a repetition of the situation from the times of the USSR, when the club forbids leaving for the NHL against the wishes of the player?

– As far as I understand your question, the rules are clearly different in the days of the USSR and Russia. As I said, when I was a young player and came to CSKA, I served for two years. Yes, it so happened that I was playing hockey at that time. There is nothing more to add – it happened as it happened. You can bring a lot of smart arguments, but no one knows how it happened, except for Ivan and those people with whom he worked in this direction.

To convince, not to convince… You put a tough angle with your question.

We also watched this from the outside, lived through the same emotions as ordinary fans. I am very glad that Ivan went through this school, that he is alive and well, that he is with us and will do what he loves. The team is waiting for him, the guys are waiting for him, this is a very positive moment for our team.

The next season promises to be long and full of surprises, happy with the situation we’re in right now. I hope the team will support me in this,” Fedorov said.

On July 1, 2022, the goalkeeper of the Russian national team was detained in St. Petersburg on suspicion of evading military service.

The 2022 Gagarin Cup winner with CSKA, who signed a contract with Philadelphia in May last year, served in the Northern Fleet.

On July 8, the Moscow club officially announced about a new two-year contract with the goalkeeper. KHL registered this contract. According to NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, the North American League informed KHL that Fedotov’s contract with Philadelphia was extended. Interpretation of the KHL in the NHL called ambiguous and contrary to the obligations of the goaltender to the Flyers.

As it became known to “SE”, the transfer card of the hockey player not involved when signing a contract with CSKA.

July 8 pointed outthat there is no existing agreement between the KHL and the NHL. July 14 he declaredthat the North American League does not consider the actions of CSKA a violation of the memorandum.

Fedotov’s first answers after the army: how he feels, why he returned to CSKA, what about Philadelphia