Isabel Pantoja surprises with her last-minute visit to Kiko Rivera in the hospital after having heart surgery

The relationship of Kiko Rivera with his mother, Isabel Pantoja, is advancing to slow but sure stepand it is that if two and a half years ago, at the end of 2020, Kiko recounted all the problems he had had with his father’s inheritance, according to him, because of his mother, and came to threaten to sue hernow it seems that the waters have calmed since Kiko suffered a stroke. Isabel and Kiko have approached postures after the huge health scare that the DJ suffered, and now that he continues with tests and interventions, she, like her mother, has been very concerned about him, and has been by her son’s side before surgery, and This Monday he also went to see him at the hospital.

The tonadillera was captured by the cameras of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ this Monday morning. The singer got out of a car practically incognito and with dark clothesbut far from being elusive with the Press, and knowing that there were cameras pending on the state of her son’s health at the gates of the medical center, he wanted to “thank” that concern by sending a greeting to the reporters with his hand. A simple gesture but loaded with meaning.


Isabel, of course, will be worried about kiko, and it is that at only 39 years old he has gout, a diabetes that was diagnosed in 2022 and he has suffered a major stroke despite the fact that he barely reached his forties. He, on the other hand, I thanked him for the visit this weekend -before being operated- openly on Instagram: “Thank you Mom for coming to see me for spending that afternoon together that was so necessary for us,” he said.

Isa Pantoja confesses whether or not she is worried about her brother

The collaborator also went through ‘The Ana Rosa program’ to comment on the news of his brother’s interventionwhere he made it clear that he was aware of his state of health, but did not want to go into the subject too much: their relationship has been completely broken for years and they have not had any kind of deal, although he did not hide that, like his sister, for her “it is important that Kiko is well”.

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