Isa P already has a date for her wedding and will not invite her brother Kiko Rivera

Another wedding of the year is coming up after Tamara Falcó’s. Isa Pantoja He already has a date and place for his wedding with Asraf Beno. He has revealed it in ‘The Ana Rosa program’, where he has also spoken about his current relationship with his brother Kiko, whom he wants to recover from his heart problem but with whom he is still distanced. Isa and Asraf have canceled their wedding on several occasions but this time it is the final one and they do not want anything or anyone to tarnish their happiness.

“Finally” said Isa P, who already has an official date. It will be in the afternoon, a civil ceremony in Seville on October 13, as Isa has confessed. “For me it is very important,” says Isa, who assumes that her mother, Isabel Pantoja, is going to go to the link. She also has Anabel Pantoja, her cousin. But she has not invited his brother, Kiko Rivera.


Asraf has also won the affection of Albertito, the son that Isa had with Alberto Isla. In fact, the young woman has told that they have the support of Alberto Isla at all times.

As for the preparations, go ahead that your wedding dress will be elegant. And that she has not yet done makeup and beauty tests, since she leaves it for September. Isa assures that she is organizing everything with Asraf because he is very involved. About your honeymoon It is not clear to him but he likes Rio de Janeiro as a destination for those very special days after saying yes.

The wedding, which will be in the afternoon, It will have a mixture of cultures in food or desserts, just like in the ceremony, according to what Isabel Pantoja’s daughter has revealed.

After the return of Asraf from ‘Survivientes’ the two have been in Seville preparing everything together. “He is the love of my life,” Asraf said in the reality show. And she is looking forward to taking this step with Isa. Something that she is also very excited about: “I want to get married, we have delayed it so much…”, Isabel’s daughter had said on occasion.

And it is that once it was due to the covid that made them delay the dates, and other times to please the two families and try to get them to be guests on this great day for them. Sometimes by the Pantoja family and others by Asraf’s parents, of whom it was said that there was a possibility that they would not go to the wedding, the controversy has accompanied them in the preparations for their wedding. However, they have always denied any estrangement with Asraf’s relatives, something that they have confirmed in the case of Isa’s relatives. In fact, Isabel Pantoja’s daughter would have asked Jorge Javier to be her godfather.

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