Rospotrebnadzor tightened control of flights from Egypt due to unknown disease | Tourism

Sanitary and quarantine control on flights arriving from Egypt has been tightened in connection with cases of an unidentified disease in this country, Rospotrebnadzor’s press service reported.

Rospotrebnadzor has strengthened sanitary and quarantine control, including with the help of the Perimeter automated information system.

The symptoms of the disease, which has been identified in Qena province, are very similar to dengue fever. Its main vectors are mosquitoes. Therefore, tourists planning to relax in Egypt are advised to follow preventive measures: wear clothes that cover the skin as much as possible, use insect repellents and insecticides, cover the windows and doors in the rooms with mosquito nets.

If travelers feel unwell upon returning from Egypt, they should consult a doctor, informing them of the place of travel, the agency said.

At the same time, no cases of an unknown Egyptian disease have been recorded in Russia so far, however, 29 cases of dengue fever infection were detected in 2022, Rospotrebnadzor explained.

Earlier, the chief sanitary doctor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Dmitry Goryaev denied reports that 18 residents of the region who had returned from Egypt had an unknown disease.

Therapist Andrey Kondrakhin believes that an unknown disease can become deadly if you do not immediately contact a specialist when the first symptoms appear.