Fernandez revealed health problems during a medical examination at Zenith. The main one is the general muscle tone of the player (Ivan Karpov) – Football

A medical examination at Zenith revealed health problems with Mario Fernandez.

Today the club from St. Petersburg announced the signing of the former defender of CSKA.

According to insider Ivan Karpov, a medical examination revealed health problems in the player. They do not refer to the excess weight reported previously.

Zenit’s main concerns were related to the general tone of the player’s muscles – they are greatly weakened, and with serious loads, Fernandez can often be injured. “Zenith” consulted with European clinics on this issue.

In addition, the club drew attention to Mario’s old knee injury and problems with his right hip.

According to the Mutko vs telegram channel, it was originally planned to conclude a contract for 2 years with the possibility of extending for one season, but due to problems identified during the medical examination, Zenit decided to change the agreement scheme to 1 + 1.

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