People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Raisa Ryazanova spoke about the behavior of Laima Vaikule | culture

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, laureate of the USSR State Prize Raisa Ryazanova, became the guest of honor of the film festival “Crystal Istochnik”, the main theme of which this year was patriotism.

Raisa Ryazanova, according to her confession, is outraged by the interview of the singer Laima Vaikule, in which the Latvian performer impartially speaks of the USSR as a “Soviet country” and claims that she wants to “forget the Soviet past as a bad dream. “According to the famous actress, Vaikule, if not for the USSR, she would have continued to perform as an unknown dancer in the Juras Perle cabaret in Jurmala.

“You should be grateful to this country of the USSR for becoming a famous singer Laima Vaikule,” Ryazanova told – And there you were a port girl in Latvia! I saw a picture of her from a cabaret, where there’s a whole line of girls with bare asses. And one of them is Laima Vaikule. That’s all! That’s all the difference between who she was and who she became thanks to the Union. But she won’t tell and she won’t. But about his “unfortunate” Soviet past, Vaikule has already said such a thing that a novel can be written.

Raisa Ryazanova also admitted that she had stopped communicating with her Ukrainian colleagues.

It should be noted that the 1st Crystal Istochnik Children’s Film Festival was held in Essentuki with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. According to the president of the festival, Honored Artist of Russia Euclid Kurdzidis, it was previously held within the framework of the festival of popular film genres “Crystal Source” as a project “Cinema campus-children”. But in the last couple of years it has “grown” to become an independent event. This year the theme of the festival was patriotism.