Sandra Barneda’s forceful response to Bertín Osborne after being pointed out

Sandra Barneda has exploded against Bertín Osborne. The singer posted a video on social media of him complaining about the treatment he was receiving from “friends of his” on television. The Andalusian is going to be a father with Gabriela Guillén, and since the news broke, there has been a lot of expectation that the protagonists have caused. Both Osborne and the model spoke to the media. Gabriela Guillén granted an interview without mincing words for the program ‘Así es la vida’, while Bertín entered ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’ by phone. When complaining about the treatment received by her colleagues on television, Sandra Barneda wanted to answer her.

“It has never hit Bertín to go as a victim, I think he has placed himself in a place that suits him very well. He is an old dog and knows what this profession is. I would also have loved that he had named not only women, but also men who have spoken, who have been and who have a relationship of greater friendship than ours and nothing would have happened. It would be in his right “, the presenter began by saying.


Barneda has continued to defend his program, one of the aforementioned since they interviewed Gabriela Guillén. “When you deny a relationship and are inconsistent, then you sow doubt and those who are dedicated to this profession try to clarify those doubts. He has the right to clarify them but he was the first to deny the relationship. I think I didn’t want to make such unfortunate statements. It is true that she throws herself to the lions but then she has seen an image that is not good for him and not according to what he thinks. We are here to collect with affection any statement that is made and from this program no attack has been made on Gabriela, quite the opposite.

In the video, Bertín Osborne also complains about the treatment that his partner would be receiving and Sandra does not agree at all: “We have defended her if not more than others and himself. At no time has he been attacked or considered anything. Quite the opposite. And then to say that the one who said that they did not have a relationship, that he was with 50 other friends and that sowed doubt was him, for whatever reasons… Now he has already said that he has not had another relationship and that only with her. Thank you for saying it because that way you put Gabriela where she would have liked from the beginning.”


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