Kiko Rivera speaks after being operated on for heart problems

Good news for Kiko Rivera. This weekend the singer reported on his social networks a new scare that made him enter a hospital in Seville.” Today is an important day for my life, today we cleared up doubts with the catheterization. A part of my heart does not work in conditions but do not be alarmed, I am still alive and wanting to live”, wrote the DJ, also thanking his mother, Isabel Pantoja, for the visit in the hospital. Mother and son had not spoken for many years, but health and love come first. “Thank you Mom for coming to see me for spending that afternoon together that was so necessary for us,” the Sevillian wrote and took advantage of his post to publicly apologize.

As ‘Así es la vida’ has learned, Kiko Rivera underwent surgery around 2:00 p.m. on Monday, July 17, and his mother would continue to accompany him, since she did not see her leave the hospital. The singer himself announced on his social networks that everything has gone very well.

“Everything has gone well, thank God”, said the DJ with a very colorful ‘story’. There have been many messages of support that the Sevillian has received. From his faithful fans to his loved ones like his first Anabel Pantoja, Manuel Cortés and even his sister Isa Pantoja. He has also had a bad relationship with the young woman for a long time, but the collaborator showed her concern: “I have not had a relationship with my brother for a long time, but I am aware of it and the important thing for me is that he is well.”


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