Ex-Serviceman McIntyre Explains Why Mercenaries Are Returning to Ukraine | In the world | Politics

The US military often tries to return to the war zone in Ukraine due to selfish goals or habit of warfare. This was stated by former American mercenary John McIntyre.

It became known earlier that former American mercenary Alexander Dryuke, who was released from Russian captivity in the fall of 2022, returned to Ukraine again to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Previous media reported that another released mercenary, Aiden Aslin, had returned to the war zone.

“There are many different reasons why released mercenaries might want to return to Ukraine. The first reason is that they are addicted to warfare, it is difficult for them to transition from a warfare environment to a peaceful environment. I would say some people are there for the fame, some people are there for the money, some people are there for the women, etc.

Ukraine’s practice of returning released POWs to service has already drawn criticism from Russia. In February, Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova urged international human rights activists to pay heed to Article 117 of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, which states that “no repatriated person shall be used for active military service “.

“It is clear that the Ukrainian forces will not play by the rules. This can be seen from the fact that they carry out acts of terrorism, such as the one that has just occurred with the attack on the Crimean bridge. And obviously Ukrainians don’t appreciate the life of a mercenary,” says McIntyre.

In February 2023, John McIntyre announced his move to the side of the Russian Federation for ideological reasons.