opt for the best hairstyle and color for summer

Adara Molinero not only has a new boyfriend, but also He has dared to change his look. After ‘Survivors’, the young woman has decided to put herself in the best hands and give her hair a good change. Already in the program, Laura Madrueño cut her hair above her shoulder and it seems that it is a hairstyle that is convincing her a lot. The former contestant has respected the length of her hair, but she has wanted to innovate in color.

The one that was the winner of ‘GH’ She has left behind her ‘Cleopatra’ style look with bangs and dark hair to welcome the blonde with open arms. A color that makes her even darker and we could say younger, since dark hair always hardens the face.

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Exactly the model has opted for the cut ‘curly bob’. This style is characterized by its short-medium length, usually around the jawline, with soft, defined layers that enhance the natural texture of the hair. It should also be noted that this cut is perfect for this time of year because it is very easy to pick up and comb.

Although “Survivors” has an incredible experience, the former contestant also confessed the worst part of the contest. “Being hungry is the worst thing in the world, no matter how much it is explained, until you live it, you don’t know what it is. I continue to eat like an animal and am constantly afraid of running out of food or having it taken away from me.”, the influencer commented on her social networks. Despite this and staying the second, Adara is very happy with the stage of life that she has fulfilled.


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