The terrifying experience of Raquel Arias when she was little

The ‘Así es la vida’ program is not only a television space where what happens in the social chronicle is collected, but also deals with current issues that require a social complaint. This Monday, July 17, they talked about the deactivation of a sect in Castellón and consulted the case with an expert who has spent 25 years investigating the behavior of this type of group. Raquel Arias, a collaborator of the program, was very empathetic with the subject, since she has a most traumatic childhood experience and he shared it live with the rest of his colleagues and the public.

“When I was at school they recruited me and took me to a place where we had a great time”, narrated the collaborator, who added that they were only girls and that it was their father who saw what was really happening: “He realized it.” “I was involved in something related to faith or God that seemed like a sect, I was very little,” the former survivor continued, emphasizing that the most important thing, especially when you are so vulnerable, is to talk to your parents.

“If you don’t have communication with your parents, this happens,” the young woman remarked. It seems that Raquel Arias is making a name for herself in the world of television and she is happy. It was she who got the interview with Gabriela Guillén, mother of Bertín Osborne’s seventh child. Raquel and Gaby have known each other for years through a modeling agency and since then they have maintained a very good friendship.


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