On the Krymsky bridge the movement of cars on one lane has been restored | Car

On the Crimean bridge, vehicle traffic was restored in the extreme right lane of the Taman-Kerch direction in the reverse mode. The corresponding statement in his Telegram channel was made by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.

According to him, the bridge was prepared for launching in the shortest possible time, the specialists carried out a preliminary diagnosis of the structures of the superstructures, which confirmed that their condition makes it possible to start movement.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister, the span was further tested before opening. In addition, artificial lighting on the damaged sections of the bridge was organized according to a temporary scheme, which will be fully restored during the repair work.

On July 17, Kiev attacked the Crimean bridge, as a result of the terrorist attack a wife from the Belgorod region was killed, their 14-year-old daughter was injured, she is in intensive care.

After the emergency, a railway track suffered minor damage, a span of the road section was destroyed and cannot be restored. For the restoration works of the Crimean bridge it will be necessary to build a temporary structure 250 meters long.