Orlov about Claudinho: “He appeals to the judges after every push, he sees fouls everywhere. Zenit coaches missed the moment to besiege him” – Football

Gennady Orlov commented on Claudinho’s dissatisfaction after the replacement.

The Brazilian was substituted in the 63rd minute of the match for the OLIMPBET Russian Super Cup with CSKA (0:0, 5:4 on penalties).

“He is definitely a talented player. In the first season, he showed his potential, he was recognized as the best player in the championship. He is good with the ball, he sees the field very well, he understands the game.

But the second season has already revealed a certain problem: you need to spread your talent over the entire distance, you need to find stability. And Claudinho for some reason began to give vent to emotions, after each push to appeal to the judges, to express his displeasure.

I think the coaches of “Zenith” missed the moment when it was necessary to besiege the player, to explain to him that he allows himself too much on the football field. Conduct a detailed conversation, in extreme cases, put on a bench. This move usually works.

Fedotov stopped counting on Carrascal, who seems to have overestimated his role in the team. And nothing. CSKA plays without this legionnaire. He’s on the sidelines for now. Fedotov realized that Carrascal’s behavior could negatively affect the team.

Malcolm is completely different! He tries, he puts out. Focused on the game. And Claudinho raises his hands after each contact … Well, what is it? He sees a foul on him everywhere, although in reality there is only a tough game, ”Orlov said.

Angry match Claudinho: knocked down opponents, cursed with the referee, went to the sub-tribune after a substitution