Cristiano Ronaldo: “I will not return to European football. His level has dropped, the only decent league is the Premier League” – Football

And you can not answer such a long text if you have no counter-arguments? Yeah thanks.

You said that he indicated his age. Is it true? Is it true.
I said that he devoted most of the speech not to his age, but to talk about the decline of European football. Is it true? Is it true.
He spoke about the fact that European football is in decline in the context of the reasons why he will not return to Europe. Is it true? Is it true.

Count by letters, symbols, look at semantics – in any of the possible options for analyzing his statement, it turns out that instead of a simple “I’m too old,” he said that “European football has become worse, so I won’t go back there,” and this is already absolute delirium.