Bystrov about Mario: “CSKA fans should be grateful to him for the years in the squad. There is not much left to play, he chose where he is better” – Football

“We should be grateful”… Chel did not make even a minimal attempt to somehow smooth the situation, on the contrary, only inflamed it. At first, “I was rooting for Zenit with all my might,” then I “forgot” to mention CSKA, talking about Zenit’s rivals in the new season. I could at least make a formal conciliatory statement to the fans, like Medina. Like, sorry, thank you for everything, low bow, but

life has developed this way, a new challenge, and so on. But no, he made a statement, only how white and fluffy he is, and in CSKA they are so bad and they themselves are to blame for everything. Quite a fool, apparently. No, well, if he wanted to completely spit with everyone, then he achieved this goal. But really, after this series of meanness, someone else should be grateful to him?