Metallurg player Yakovlev: “Hockey is the number one sport in Russia, but there is little advertising, little is said on federal channels. Football is more resonant” – Hockey

Yegor Yakovlev said that little is said about hockey on federal TV channels.

The defender of Metallurg spoke about hockey in comparison with the popularity of football.

– You once spoke about the deserved popularity of football and hockey. Why do you think hockey gets less attention?

– I still think that our number one sport is hockey. But if we take any city in the country, then we have football banners and billboards, there are announcements of matches.

We don’t have that in hockey. I think there are very few ads. And on federal channels very little is said about hockey.

Take any sports channel – they talk about football, and now they talk about media football even more than about the Premier League.

Football has a big plus in marketing. More budgets, more investments, and in hockey they invest a little less in this story, because our football is more resonant, – said Olympic champion Yegor Yakovlev.