lithuania is going to buy tanks and form a division

lithuania is going to buy tanks and form a division

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas spoke about plans to create a division in the country and purchase military equipment for this, including tanks.

According to the head of the Lithuanian military department, under the current conditions, the state needs to strengthen its defense capabilities. To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the fire support, for example, tanks.

Anusauskas noted that solving this problem will require additional spending from the budget. According to him, preliminary calculations of the necessary costs are already available. But the minister did not release specific figures, promising that they would be presented to “other departments.”

He stressed that “in any case, these steps are being taken.” Where exactly they want to buy equipment, the head of the Lithuanian Defense Ministry did not specify. At the same time, he added that strengthening Lithuania’s defense capability would require huge spending, around 3% of gross domestic product (GDP). Right now, about 2.9% of GDP is spent on the military.

Now the Lithuanian Armed Forces consist of three infantry brigades, one of which is reserve. They also include the active reserve militia.

Vera Sergeeva.