They find a cat that escaped a week ago in the capital’s airport

They find a cat that escaped a week ago in the capital’s airport

At the Vnukovo airport, they found a cat named Kotik, who disappeared from the carrier on July 4 on the way from the cargo terminal to the plane.

According to Telegram channel 112, the pet was not physically injured, just very scared. In the near future, the cat will be handed over to the owners.

The animal went missing on July 4, when it was supposed to go on vacation with its owner and her two-year-old daughter. According to the rules, the cat was placed in a carrier and registered in the luggage. But he never got on the plane.

According to the owner of the cat Evgeny, the employees of the Yakutia airline accepted the pet as baggage and delivered it to oversized cargo. And just a few hours later, the owners were informed that the cat was missing. At the same time, the airline held the animal’s owners responsible for what happened, who allegedly closed the carrier wrong.

In the search for the cat, police officers intervened, who looked through the internal cameras, but it was not possible to immediately determine the location of the fugitive. Telegram has created a chat “Find a Vnukovo cat”. Passengers and airport staff searched for Kotik for a week. Fortunately, the search was successful.

Vera Sergeeva.