In Yekaterinburg created the combat drone “Kukushka” | Technique

The UAV, which can be used for reconnaissance purposes and enemy strikes in the NVO zone, was developed in Yekaterinburg, reports E1.RU.

The drone, dubbed Cuckoo, is capable of carrying up to three rounds of ammunition. A drone weighing just over 1 kg can fly at speeds of up to 65 km/h.

At present, two prototype UAVs have been produced and tested. According to the developers, the cost of the drone is about 250 thousand rubles. However, it may decrease if mass production of this drone starts. The search for UAV buyers is currently underway.

Earlier it was reported about the completion of tests in the NMD zone of the first batch of combat FPV drones “Ghoul”, developed in the Sverdlovsk region.