Alba Carrillo celebrates her return to television with an important reflection

Alba Carrillo has returned to television showing that she is made for this medium and warns that she is “ready for life”. A few months ago, the model stopped collaborating with Mediaset. The chain decided not to continue counting on her in her programs, a decision in which the commotion caused by her affair with Jorge Pérez, who currently participates in the reality show ‘Vaya vacaciones’, had an important weight. Alba “disappeared” from television, but not from her networks or from her Twitch channel “El salón de té”, from which she has thrown darts at the media group talking about the “veto” of Rocío Carrasco and giving her opinion on Alessandro lequio

After a few difficult months, on Monday, July 17, Alba reappeared on television but not on Mediaset, but on La 1. The model has participated in one of the solidarity deliveries with celebrities of the contest ‘El Cazador’, along with Jorge Sanz, Genoveva Casanova and Jesús Castro. Alba has enjoyed the experience – and that one of the questions that appeared revealed her real name: Lucía del Alba – and has shared a beautiful reflection on her return to television.

“Thanks to RTVE and all the program team for making me feel so good and for making it possible for the Spanish Red Cross to receive my half of the prize (€42,000) to do many good things and to Rodrigo Vázquez for being a top presenter”, thanks the model on her social networks, before showing her happiness at returning to the small screen.

Alba also takes advantage and reflects on life with these words: “It seems that life is turning around for me… you just have to keep living to find new victories. This one today has been small, but I think It will be the first of many”, he commented. Some words that she accompanies the hashtag: “I am what will come” and “ready for life”. She once again shows her optimism and her determination to get ahead.

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