Adara Molinero is clear about her future and what she will not do on television after her time on ‘Survivors’

Adara Miller He had a great career in ‘Survivientes 2023’ and could even be the winner of the edition. However, Bosco overtook him on the left and managed to win the check for 200,000 euros. Now they both enjoy their relationship outside of reality, and after returning to normal, Adara has been able to sit down and think calmly. what you want and what you don’t want in your professional future from now on, and maybe the answer surprise to a few, especially their fanswho are looking forward to seeing her on tv again… and it doesn’t seem like things are going that way.

Adara, who has changed her look, has already gone through ‘Big Brother’‘Big Brother VIP’, ‘Discount time’ or ‘Secret Story’and his last adventure has been ‘Survivors’. She has always said that Any project on television has to excite youand that hasn’t changed, that’s why It’s going to be difficult to see her again in a reality shownot even in ‘Vaya vacaciones’, which should not attract much attention judging by the last comment who has posted on his Twitter account: “I honestly don’t know if it will happen again… (you know that I only do things that attract my attention) but Hopefully we will see each other again through that big screensomeday I am very sorry that everything has ended because you write me continuously missing me“He has made it clear.

It seems that the plans of Adara go through focusing on their social networks and in his career as influencers, something he already did when he left ‘GH VIP’. At that time, his mental health suffered from continually facing criticismboth on and off television, so he decided to take a step back, take care of his image on networks, and dedicate himself to his son and his faithful followers. With ‘Survivors’ she decided to break that ‘television silence’, and now it seems that the young woman, after passing through Honduras, ‘will return to the fold’ waiting for them to offer him a project on TV that he is passionate about.

His followers, far from asking him to return, they have been most understanding on the social network: “What we want is for you to be well and whatever you do, we are going to follow you, through IG or whatever you want to share with us,” wrote a follower. “Daughter, we have to rest because we have been jogging, enjoy what you have now that what has to come will come, we love you very much and we will be here”, added another. “Come back when they offer you something that excites you. I can only thank you infinitely for everything you have given on TV, only great people know when to leave and when to return,” he dedicated another one.

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