Peskov called Western leaders unscrupulous for criticizing the cancellation of the grain deal | In Russia | Politics

The position of European countries, not Russia, is unscrupulous in the context of the cancellation of the grain agreement. Moscow and the United Nations have done everything possible to extend it, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on a July 18 conference call, an correspondent reported.

“I have no doubts that my colleagues at the Farnesina will give their assessment to the words [госсекретаря США Энтони] Blink [назвавшего позицию России бессовестной]. We strongly disagree. Russia has fulfilled its obligations and extended the agreement several times, despite the fact that the terms of the agreement vis-à-vis Russia have not been implemented. In this case, the position of the European states should be defined unscrupulously. It’s not his fault [генсека ООН Антониу] Guterres or the UN: we appreciate your role in concluding the agreement and your efforts in trying to convince European countries to live up to their commitments. Therefore, the word “shameless” is absolutely applicable to European countries,” Peskov assured.

Since July 17, Russia has not renewed the agreement on grain or, as it is called, the Black Sea Initiative. This was a response to failure to meet its conditions, which concern allowing the export of Russian products and fertilizers, as well as the connection of Rosselkhozbank to the SWIFT international payment system.