The words of Anabel Pantoja with which she shows that she has visited Kiko Rivera in the hospital

Kiko Rivera is recovering properly from his recent heart operation, and at such a delicate moment he has not lacked the love and affection of his environment. His mother, Isabel Pantoja, has been one of the first to go to see him at the hospital, despite the open war they are having, now that it seems that the waters are calmer between themand now it has been Anabel Pantoja, her cousin, who has left the clue on social networks that confirms that he has also gone to see him on his admission.

The singer’s niece, in addition to being in love again, has a schedule full of acts and events to attend, and in fact these days are going to be spent in a coexistence in Cádiz organized by the influencer agency she works for (created by Dulceida) together with other content creators such as Susana Bicho. But before, as she has assured her, He has passed through Seville to fulfill his duty as cousin: “I landed in Seville and went directly to the hospital to see my cousin. Now I’m calmer“, he assured through his Instagram ‘stories’.

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Anabel Pantoja suffers a setback after seeing her cousin in the hospital

Anabel has managed to relax a lot during the first hours of this coexistence, but the truth is that He has not stopped experiencing unforeseen events that have tarnished these days of relaxation: He assured that he has had some setbacks that “fuck” and “annoy” you, but despite that, she remains calm for having been able to see her cousin already recovering. However, not everything has been joyful, because before arriving at the house that she will share these days, they have lost a suitcase: “The driver did not bring my little one up and I had to go to the airport to see if they could locate it. Everything was NOT IN ORDER”, she wrote clearly annoyed. Would she carry envelopes of Cola Cao in that luggage, as she did on her trip to the United States?

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