Fetisov about the Olympics: “We are offered almost the status of refugees, a humiliating story. We should be there with the flag and the anthem. Or play for any team in Syria all together” – Ice Hockey

Vyacheslav Fetisov spoke about the participation of Russians in the Olympics without a flag and an anthem.

– The IOC recently announced that it will not invite the Russian Olympic Committee to the Games in Paris. At the same time, he reports that, they say, this does not concern the athletes themselves. That is, as if they are pushing our athletes to apply there on their own on some conditions. Is it worth getting involved with?

– I understood at one time that the athletes are not to blame for what happened, the unfortunate managers did something wrong. Therefore, I drowned, as they say, that we take part in the Games without a flag, without an anthem, so that everyone understands that these are our guys.

Today the situation has changed. The status that we are offered, almost like refugees, is a humiliating story. Of course, everyone can make their own decision, they can live with it … But today, I think we should be there with a flag and an anthem. Or play for any Syrian team all together.

– Syrian national hockey team?

Yes, and hockey. For any kind of sports. And cheer for this team. Well, this should be a calculated option, and not react to new IOC statements – we will give or not we will give status.

– Pushing athletes …

– The most important thing is the split of society. Because they start talking about it. It seems to me that this is what should have been determined by the leadership of our sport from the very beginning. To make it clear to IOC President Bach that we will go to the Olympic Games only with a flag and an anthem. Please do not send any other proposals.

– There is actually a year left before the Olympics. Something will be solved, what do you think?

– Now there are qualifying starts, but we do not participate in them. How will they let us into the Games? If they have reserved places for us, what will they say later … The selection is underway, in many sports it is already over.

– The players have already flown by – volleyball, handball, field hockey …

– They flew by. Artistic gymnastics, there is also one competition left. How will they allow Russian athletes? They are brainwashing us,” said two-time Olympic hockey champion and State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Fetisov.