Adara Molinero repents and changes her hair look again

Adara Miller She is a woman who usually knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want in life, like when she confirmed the reason why we probably won’t see her on TV anymore, but in the last few hours she has made it clear that even she has her doubts. Only a few hours ago he showed a new change of look in his hair on his social networks after passing through ‘Survivors’, deciding clean his mane and adding some wicks to lighten it. A super trending style this summer… and yet did not seem to finish convincing himbecause only a few hours after showing his new image, went through ‘sheet metal and paint’ again to make another change.

She herself has been the one who, through her Instagram stories, has decided to share the change: “I have come to the hairdresser’s to get a hydration treatment, and while I was there, it should darken a bit”, she wrote from the chair in the beauty salon with her hair full of dye again. Adara, accustomed to her long brown hair, a few weeks ago she cut up to 15 centimeters of her hair for a reward in ‘Survivors’, and now that she has it shorter than she would like, has undergone a rather striking new change. Two changes in a short time that seem to have been too much for her, and has decided to take a step backand if after his first change he looked like this…

Adara Miller//instagram

…now her new look goes through something darker after her ‘regret’:

What she does not seem to regret, and she is quite convinced, is his relationship with Bosco Martínez Bordiú. Pocholo’s nephew was great support in Honduras, and now that they have left the program it seems that theirs has come together: they are so delighted that they even give each other gifts, and they have recently confirmed that they are dating.


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